Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Official Beta Trailer and Details | Beyond Entertainment


Ahead of its November launch, Star Wars Battlefront II has a beta for a selection of the game’s multiplayer modes. Check out the trailer below.

Early Access to the beta begins on Wednesday (October 4) while the Open beta runs from Friday to Monday (October 6-9). If you pre-order, you get Early Access.

The structure of Battlefront II’s beta comes in the form of Challenges. Each day they’ll have a new set of goals to fulfill. For example, on the first day of Early Access, players can use all four classes and kill 150 enemies to earn a reward. These rewards can carry over the full release of the game.

The Galactic Assault mode will be played on Naboo, where Republic clones and Separatist droids face off to control the royal palace. Galactic Assault is the game’s large-scale ground battle, featuring vehicles and heroes.

In Starfighter Assault, the battle takes place over Fondor where the Rebel Alliance tries to defeat a Star Destroyer defended by the Empire. This is the beta’s showcase for space-bound combat across a variety of starships and fighters.

Strike mode is the game’s deathmatch. In the beta, First Order and Resistance fighters clash around Maz’s castle from Episode VII. Then in Arcade, players can try out single-player scenarios on Naboo in the capital of Theed (with split-screen access on consoles).

Star Wars Battlefront II releases November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. Discuss the game on our forums!