Battlefield 1 Has Hit 21 Million Players

By: Devin Sidhu | July 31st, 2017

DICE’s World War 1 first-person-shooter Battlefield 1 continues to see financial success. The game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, announced this week that as of the end of June, the hit title amassed more than 21 million players since its release. The game is still continuing to sell despite releasing nine months ago.

On top of the game’s sales, DICE and EA are still collecting revenue from the Battlefield 1’s expansion packs and notorious Premium service. Battlefield 1’s next expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, was revealed at E3 2017. Despite the game reaching 21 million individual players, the concurrent population of Battlefield 1 appears to be struggling, especially when compared to the long-term numbers put up by Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Many in the community attribute this to the sequel’s longer breaks between expansion packs, as well as the Premium service continuing to split the population.

With that said, EA has also teased some ambitious reveals for Battlefield 1 at Gamescom in August.

“At Gamescom, we will detail our plans for a new offering that will bring the richest Battlefield 1 experience yet—including the all-out warfare, epic multiplayer battles and War Stories campaign that have defined the game, plus new maps, deeper progression, and additional fan-favorite game modes, all in a single package.” – Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO

Despite its population struggles, Battlefield 1 was both a financial and critical success for DICE and EA.

Source: GameSpot

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