Battle Royale Announced For Fortnite | Beyond Entertainment


Another contender enters the arena that is the Battle Royale genre. Epic Games’ Fortnite is getting the PvP treatment with a mode featuring 100 players on one giant map—last man standing wins. The mode is now in Public Test for all Fortnite players across all platforms, just get into the game and select Battle Royale to try it out. Check out the announcement video from Epic Games below.

Their love of Battle Royale games such as PUBG and H1Z1 fueled their desire to create such a mode on their unique platform. As Epic’s founder Tim Sweeney phrased it, Fortnite in its original format is a Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead gameplay style. Players of four different classes drop into a randomly generated world to discover, create, and survive. With Battle Royale, players are now solely equipped with a pickaxe and dropped from a flying battle bus to the map below. You can use the game’s building mechanics to manipulate structures to your needs, including building traps, walls, and bridges.

The mode fully drops September 26. Right now, September 12-18, you can get the game for 25% off of either standard or deluxe editions. Fortnite is available for PC, macOs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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