ASTRO Gaming Announces A20 Wireless Headset

By: Connor Murphy | September 7th, 2017

This fall, the good folks at ASTRO Gaming have a followup to the wired A10 Headset. Their newest product has the quality fans have come to expect with the best of interference-free wireless broadcasting. The A20 Wireless Headset, available in models for Xbox and PlayStation, operates on 5.8GHz wireless technology with a 15-hour battery life. It’s sleek, it’s black, and certainly looks worthy of the ASTRO Gaming brand.

What the A20 brings to the table is a wireless solution with an economic approach. It’s constructed with “flexible, lightweight materials, cloth ear cushions and a padded headband” that’s entirely durable. The microphone has a flip-to-mute functionality as well as onboard controls for power and volume options. When using with PC, the A20 is compatible with ASTRO’s free Command Center software—granting extended customization for the sound you seek. This seems to be a step up from the A10 and something in the range for gamers looking to get more out of a wireless experience.

A release date has yet to be announced, but it’s certain we’ll keep you updated. For more information, be sure to visit ASTRO Gaming.