AGL 9 Atlanta Results | Beyond Entertainment


After 3 long days of competitive Halo 4 gameplay, Ambush came out on top by defeating Severance in the Grand Finals 3-0 to secure the team’s first victory since UMG Chicago. Below, we have a breakdown of the Top 4 4v4, 2v2, and FFA results of the event, along with the AGL Player Awards. If you missed any of the action, our VoD section will be updated shortly with a complete set of matches from the event.

4v4 Results:

1) Ambush
2) Severance
3) Believe The Hype
4) La Dolce Vita

2v2 Results:
1) Pistola & Heinz
2) Formal & Enable
3) Proverb & Spartan The Dogg
4) Goofy & Gabriel

1v1 Results:
1) Pistola
2) Cloud

FFA Results:
1) Pistola
2) Cloud
3) Enable
4) Formal
5) Suddoth 2
6) KnightyKnight
7) Suddoth 1
8) Spartan The Dogg

Scuf Gaming MVP:

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