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AGL 7 Knoxville has come and gone… With Ambush coming out on top defeating Status Quo in the finals 6-2 for 4v4, and Legit winning the FFA competition with a nail biting finish on Simplex to secure the win, Knoxville was definitely one for the Halo 4 record books. Below, we have a breakdown of the Top 8 4v4 and FFA results of the event, along with the AGL Player Awards. If you missed any of the action, our VoD section will be updated soon with all the matches from the event.

Halo 4 4v4 Placings
1) Ambush
2) Status Quo
3) Classic
4) Warriors
5/6) Slaughter House
5/6) G4C Crowed Pleasers
7/8) Believe The Hype
7/8) Reality Check

Top 8 FFA Placings
1) Legit
2) Yoshi
3) Cloud
4) Hoaxer
5) Enable
6) Aries
7) Krazy
8) Elumnite

Casters Choice Award: Formal

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