A Look at Halo 5: Guardians Forge Mode | Beyond Entertainment


Halo 5’s Forge is currently set to release later this month alongside the Cartographer’s Gift content update. Compared to previous iterations of Forge, Halo 5’s is the biggest overhaul to date allowing for more items on the map, different time of day, scripting, coloured items and so much more.

Gamespot recently got some hands-on time with the updated Forge mode ahead of its release showcasing a ton of new items and much more.

During this sneak peak, you may notice that the classic SPNKr Rocket Launcher will be available in Forge mode. It was previously thought that this item will be exclusive to Warzone. We aren’t shown any weapon menus so it is unclear if players will be able to place all Warzone weapon variants or just the SPNKr Rocket Launcher.

343 Industries will be hosting a live stream today at 3PM PST which will be showcasing not only Forge mode, but the Cartographers Gift content update including the new Arena map – Overgrowth and the new Warzone map – Battle of Noctus. Be sure to tune in today over at Twitch.TV/Halo.

Will you be trying out Forge mode and all the new content coming in the Cartographers Gift later this month? Be sure to join the discussion on our forums and let us know what you plan to build!